SMEs provide work for more than 4 million people in Ukraine, generate about 20% of the country’s GDP and make up the majority of the country’s companies.  The business environment in Ukraine is highly regulated but standards, support services for SMEs, innovation policy and assistance for women entrepreneurs need to be improved to allow SMEs to really thrive.

EU4Business aims to improve the country’s business climate. It makes it easier for SMEs to get finance and provides training and targeted support for businesses led by women and those working in the green economy. SMEs also get technical support to help them align with EU standards, increase exports and benefit from the free trade deal between Ukraine and EU.


The Ukrainian stand at BIOFACH 2019
From 13-16 February 2019, Ukrainian exporters working in the berry sector took part in Biofach 2019 – a leading organic trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, attended by over 15,000 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors – making over 200 business contacts with...

Success stories

Olha Radinovych
Olha Radinovych founded a company with two other female friends 14 years ago, when each of them had only $100 in their pockets. At the time, their business idea seemed risky. Now, she is the director of the company, a Ukrainian manufacturer of orthopaedic and medical products. The company produces 87 kinds of orthopaedic products and more than 100 different compression knitwear products. The...
Andriy Mitchenko, one of the founders of Ecosoft
“When I see the big yellow and blue flag every day on my water filter and the inscription ‘Made in Ukraine with pride’, it makes me proud,” says Olga, 35, from Kyiv. “In fact, it’s very satisfying that such high-quality goods are being produced in our country.” For three years, Olga’s family has been using the reverse osmosis cleaning system manufactured by Ecosoft. The proud Kyiv resident says...
New kilns have enabled Polissia to dry around 1500 cubic square metres of pine board per month
Boosting the supply of credit to small and medium-sized enterprises is vital for jobs and growth, especially in Ukraine where SMEs account for over 90 per cent of businesses and employ two-thirds of the active working population. Thanks to EU support under the EU4Business initiative , in 2017 the European Investment Bank Group started a programme, which provides loan guarantees to local banks in...