With EU4Business help, Belarus tulip farm automates business processes


With funding from the European Union under the EU4Business initiative, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helped Nakhodka Polesya, a tulip farm in Belarus, automate business processes and optimise their operating expenses and reporting time.

The EBRD helped Nakhodka Polesya, a tulip farm, introduce an IT-solution for automating business process management, enabling them to decrease their reporting time and operating expenses.

Nakhodka Polesya is a family farm founded in 2008. It is located in a remote rural area of the Ivanovo district in the Brest region or Belarus. The farm is focused on flower production (tulip flowers and bulbs) and growing vegetables and potatoes.
When the EBRD first got in touch with the company, one of its bottlenecks was the manual handling of the main operational processes. The human factor caused information losses and discrepancies. As a result, customers complained about mishandled orders where the delivered product did not match what was initially ordered. The client was spending substantial resources on resolving disputes with the customers. The managers did not have actual and reliable data, which limited their ability to make informed operational and strategic decisions.
The EBRD put Nakhodka Polesya in touch with Business Programmy, a local ICT-consulting company, who developed and helped implement an automated business process management system, including:

  • Installation of a basic software solution based on 1C Enterprise 8.3 on seven workstations located both in the main office and manufacturing facilities;
  • Adjustment of directories, documents and statements, as well as customisation of business process management, to the current needs of the enterprise; and
  • Training for employees on the use of the software.

As a result, the company created a common information space. Such key business processes as placing and delivering orders, accounting and financial reporting have been automated. Now the managers of Nakhodka Polesya save 10 hours a week on preparing reports. Senior managers and owners receive reliable, up-to-date data, which empowers them to make effective managerial and financial decisions. The company has improved product tracking records that allowed them to substantially improve customer relationship and attract new clients.

In 2015, Nakhodka Polesya expanded its greenhouses by three times and doubled its tulip sales to 3.5 million. To secure effective sales of tulips, the company came back to the EBRD and requested additional support in conducting a tulip market analysis in Belarus and neighbouring regions of Russia.

Total project value

€9 115

Client contribution

€3 419