Kyiv Furniture Summit: major event for furniture business SMEs

Kyiv Furniture Summit

A major event is taking place for SMEs in the furniture business in Kyiv on 23 May, organised by the EBRD and the EU4Business initiative. The ‘Kyiv Furniture Summit’ promises “major opportunities for the Ukrainian furniture business", highlighting three key aspects - development, production, export. 

The event will see the presentation of the ‘Roadmap for the development of the Ukrainian furniture sector’, which includes a general strategy for the development of the industry and provides practical answers to the following questions:

• How to improve the Ukrainian furniture business?

• How can representatives of the Ukrainian furniture market attract foreign partners?

• How to choose an appropriate export strategy?

The summit aims to discuss current problems of development, production and distribution of furniture, as well as to provide opportunities for SME representative in Ukrainian furniture market to find new partners and ideas.


23/05/2018, 13:00-19:00


Participation is free, but prior online registration is obligatory.
For additional information, e-mail

Parkovy Congress and Exhibition Centre
Parkova str, 16a