HoReCa Pro forum in Zaporizhia

17/04/2019 to 18/04/2019

A two-day forum for the hospitality business is being organised by the Zaporizhia Business Support Centre, together with the EBRD as part of the EU4Business initiative, on 17-18 April.

The ‘HoReCa Pro’ Forum includes presentations from leading experts in management, marketing, IT as well as tailored master classes, bartender shows and workshops for the coffee industry.

The event consists of four sessions:

  1. industry trends and the modern client; 
  2. strategy, marketing, and sales in HoReCa;
  3. effective use of modern information technologies;
  4. staff in HoReCa

The purpose of this event is to identify the main aspects of tourism industry development as one of the priority directions for SMEs. Participants will be able to get practical tips from HoReCa experts on marketing and staff development, modern technologies and equipment. 

The Zaporizhzhya Business Support Centre is part of the EU-funded Network of Business Support Centres, which aims to improve the competitiveness and bankability of Ukrainian SMEs through the provision of business advice and capacity building. It also supports BSOs in 15 regions of Ukraine in setting up a network of EU4Business Business Support Centres (BSCs). At least 30,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs will benefit from the project.


17-18/04/19, 10:00-18:00


The deadline for registration is 15 April.

Contact: (061) 213-50-26, (099) 77-96-431 or forum_ztpp@i.ua

70B, Peremohy str